Monday, March 21, 2011

Founder/Pilot Ted Gauthier is Guest Reader for First Grade students

I had  to opportunity to be a guest reader at Quarton School on Friday, March 18!  When asked to read to the students I selected the book, "Hot-Air Henry written by Mary Calhoun and illustrated by Erick Ingraham.
If you would like to get this book, check out this Link:  or you check check it out from your public library.

This story is about a Cat named Henry.  Henry wanted to fly but no one wanted to fly with a cat.  A young boy who was taking pilot lessons and was about to go on his first solo flight in a balloon jumped out of the balloon basket to get his camera.  Henry takes the opportunity to leap up to the basket and fly away.

When that sassy Siamese Henry stows away in a hot-air balloon and goes aloft alone, it is a fur-raising flight indeed.  Followers of Henry's cross-country skiing adventure will be equally charmed by his mastery of the wild blue yonder.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our New Blog

Yes, we have a website , but we also felt that it was not the place to keep everyone up to date with the happenings in Hot Air Ballooning.

So, the adventure begins. I have an area on the website that is called "What's New" and that was the place where friends, visitors and balloon enthusiasts could find out what we were up to.  We will continue to keep the "What's New" area on the website but it will not be updated as often as this blog.

The above photo is a picture of Joe Gauthier's new balloon.  Joe and Pat Gauthier obtained this balloon last year and it was the newest balloon added to our fleet of Family balloons.  Marty and Cara Gauthier have just purchased a new balloon for the 2011 flying season and will post photos in an upcoming blog.

Now, with this blog the hope is for us to keep in contact and share ideas.